College Leadership

Mr. Derrick Worrels

Mrs. Gaylyn Mendoza
Senior Vice President of Business Services/CFO

Dr. Matt Underwood
Senior Vice President – Brown and Erath Counties

Mr. Dixon Bailey
Executive Vice President of Workforce Development

Mrs. Dayna Prochaska
Vice President of Instruction

Mrs. Lindy Matthews
Vice President of Administrative Services

Mr. Ahmy Arca
Vice President of Student Services

Mr. Robert Culverhouse
Associate Vice President of Information Technology

Mrs. Stephanie Worrels
Assistant Vice President

Dr. Sandra Lee
Dean of Nursing

Mr. Lance Hawvermale
Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts

Mr. Jonathan Roach
Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Mrs. Gretchin Geye
Dean of Science

Mrs. Jessica Brown
Dean of Mathematics

Mr. Scott Schneider
Dean of Workforce Programs